Per4m - Centre of Positive Performance

We create multi dimensional people, not just athletes, by offering training so the athletes implement equal emphasis on athletic, personal and social development.

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Aimed at the high performing professional sports man / woman – this course focuses on providing a key set of skills to ensure sustained high performance.  Without building skills to address the negative stress and pressure of high performance – the individual runs the risk of hitting burnout, exhaustion, depleted performance, lack of focus and potentially anxiety and depression.  Building key skills and awareness around negative pressures allows the individual to sustain their high levels of performance in perpetuity.


Our goal is to maximize the health, independence, and comfort of our patients and their families.

Transformation programme for retiring sportspersons

With our redefining success programme, we strive to leave the professional with a positive legacy as a sports person by embracing the profession and developing themselves responsibly beyond world-class sportsmen. This process allows the athletes a sense of personal fulfillment off the “field” and developing a greater sense of worth.